Calling for advice from cat lovers!

We’ve always had cats. We love cats. A few weeks ago, we lost our precious tabby, Mononoke, and we knew we would have to get a new furry friend, but we also decided it was time for a new approach to cat ownership. We’ve always had our cats fixed but we also let them outside part of the time. We’ve been pretty lucky. We’ve never had a cat hit by a car and we’ve had some long-lived cats—notably our most beloved polydactyl named Ninja, who lived to be 26 years old.

So you can see that we need a cat. However, we’re going to need something else as well—something to keep our cat safe–we’re going to need on outdoor cat enclosure.  And we’d love to hear from anyone with advice to give—what has been your experience with cat runs and catios and special cat spaces? What elements do cats use most, love best, not really care that much about, etc.? Did you build it yourself or have it built? In other words, what works?

We’re going to need some good ideas and we’re going to need them quickly. Because we’ve already got our new cat—and it’s three kittens! We got them from their foster mom at Animal Services just three days ago—one sister and two brothers, and they’re adorable!

So if you have any ideas–please share!
Put them in the comments at our Kitten Blog.
Or just email.

Thanks muchly in advance!

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  1. My niece took an idea from one of the shows of Jason Galaxy “My Cat from Hell”.

    She had a very little backyard. So she buys a very strong net and create and enclosure, next cut the wood about 3″ wide and installed like a rollercoaster including hanguing toys and pre-fabric tunels (easy to find).

    In a corner placed rocks and planted CatGrass and other plants good for them. Lastly buy scratchers and nailed to some places so they enjoy without destroying her place.

    As been so little, I had adopted 2 of my own. Also, I buy at PetSmart, fake nails (they came in colors) and are great because it’s a way to teach them DO NOT use your nails. So if they play running and jump you, they doesn’t use the nails as traction.

    Hope your kittens be well. My baby girl just had surgery (she develop Megacolon). The cause, they throw her from a moving car and broke her pelvis and between the tigh and femur.

    Cheers, EVE

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