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More adventures with the Auclaire Sisters!
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Haley past comes back to haunt her!
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Three J.D. Winters series full of mystery and the paranormal!

Sister Witchcraft

A magical legacy going back generations? Who needs it!

“I’d rather have some paid up bills,” Sybil says.
“Or maybe a pony,” agrees teenager Lucy.
Mimi seems to be the only one of the three sisters who appreciates what they’ve had left to them by their grandmother, a widely-known and once-powerful witch. Now if she could just get the others on board with saving the world—or at least their little corner of it. She’s got a black cat familiar on her side—and maybe some interest from handsome newsman Max Ransom. Other than that, she’s on her own. Maybe what she ought to find is a good ancient how-to book on world saving. She’s going to need it.

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By J.D. Winters and Dakota Kahn

Sister Witchcraft 2
In which: secrets of a scary past are revealed, a huge and lethal mistake is made, the Jiggs sisters fight off murder charges, and pigeons make a break for freedom.

Witch-in-training Mimi Auclaire thought her life was hectic when she worked for a major motion picture studio in Los Angeles, but she’s discovered things can get even crazier in her little hometown of Lafay, California. Being the middle sister means having to rope in Lucy on one side, preventing her from hitchhiking back to the big city, and holding off Sybil’s warrior tendencies on the other when seemingly under fire from demons. Luckily she’s got Kashmir, her black cat familiar, and Max Ransom, her newspaper buddy, to keep her on an even keel.

Hey, all she wants to do is run her little tea shop. And maybe find a way to sabotage the Jiggs sisters now and then. Simple enough, no?
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By J.D. Winters and Dakota Kahn

What’s scarier than a coven of teenage wannabe witches?
Answer: Nothing!

Witch Mimi has a lot on her plate – running a tea shop single-handedly, raising her baby sister Lucy, helping her familiar, Kashmir, with his computer problems, avoiding the machinations of the evil and nefarious Jiggs sisters, who are also witches and not nearly as nice as she is… She doesn’t have time to go solving the murder of her old, despised English teacher… until it turns out the only witness saw Lucy at the scene of the crime!

It’s magic, murder, and mayhem

as Mimi tries to keep her family out of trouble… and herself alive!
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By J.D. Winters and Dakota Kahn

Why can’t murders be conveniently timed?

Mimi’s got the event of her life setting up a high tea for a local power couple’s wedding. Meanwhile, she’s super busy training her younger sister in Witchcraft and trying to be the top witch in a town where there’s competition. But when her older sister’s slayer trainer dies mysteriously, everything seems to fall apart at once. She’ll have to face a suspicious warlock, old family secrets, and even a demon to get to the bottom of things, with no guarantee she or her sisters will get through it all in one piece!
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By J.D. Winters and Dakota Kahn

Wicked in Moonhaven

Everyone remembers Haley Greco, except for Haley herself.
Haley is a witch with amnesia and she might be the most normal thing in the spooky town of Moonhaven.
She wakes up in a strange motel room, no idea who she is, with just the clothes on her back and, weirdly, the deed to a property in Moonhaven where everybody seems to know her. Back for less than a day she discovers, in no short order, that she has an entire missing family, a town history as a wild child, and a grandmother who seems to want her to prepare to save civilization. Not only that, she’s the lead suspect in a murder and Deputy Sheriff Shane McAllister knows more about her than he should. The real murderer is on the move. Can Haley clear her name and regain her memory before it’s too late?

By J.D. Winters

Do you believe in Magic?

Haley still doesn’t know enough about her past, but she knows one thing: Bentley St. Ames isn’t guilty of murder. Sure he’s a vampire. Sure he was threatening the victim. Sure he just broke out of jail. So what? She’s going to prove he’s innocent and she’ll risk facing up to gremlin wranglers, evil hunters and even Shane and her own sorceress grandmother to do it. He’ll thank her in the end—if she lives that long!

By J.D. Winters and Dakota Kahn

Can this relationship be saved?

A deputy sheriff from a long line of hunters, an apprentice witch from a long line of sorcerers~what can they possibly have in common?

Never mind~Shane McAllister and Haley Greco will ride this lovely wave as long as they can make it last.

In the meantime, they’re each working to clean up the strange town of Moonhaven with its Alice in Wonderland themes and its oddball inhabitants, trying to solve a few murders and find out what happened to Haley’s missing family. If only Haley’s grandmother—the one who brought her back from the dead—wouldn’t always seem to be the guilty party.

Just what is she planning, anyway? A deadly Mad Hatter’s game of Musical Chairs?
Better pick up a copy and find out!

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Mele Keahi’s Ghostly Mysteries

The first three books of the Destiny Bay Cozy Mysteries, discounted!
A FREE borrow with Kindle Unlimited!

Mele Keahi, Hawaiian-born and a genuine ghost-seer, has a problem. She came to the California coast for the peace and comfort of family, but suddenly she seems to be a magnet for murders. They’re dropping like flies all around her, and she’s the only one who can solve them – with the help of some ancestral spirits, and, of course, a trusty black cat. But even with her ghosts, her wits, and her family at her side, she wonders – could the next new ghost in town be her?

A GHOST FOR CHRISTMAS—Mele is home for the holidays, only to find a dead man in the front yard. Could her beloved Aunt Bebe be the murderer?

GHOST ON DUTY—Mele is nervous to meet with the mean old rich man in the mansion, but it’s even more chilling to find him dead! Does his silver cat carry a clue to the killer?

A GHOST IN TIME—This time Aunt Bebe is really in trouble-it seems obvious that she is the one who ran down the victim. But who really engineered the crime?

Delicious Hawaiian recipes included!

Only on AMAZON

A Ghost For Christmas

Book #1
Be careful what you wish for

Mele Keahi wasn’t looking for excitement when she came to Destiny Bay. She’d just lost her man, her job and her self esteem, and she needed comfort. Instead, she found herself involved in a murder, sparring with a suspicious detective and coming face to face with a ghost from her Hawaiian childhood. Not what she’d bargained for–but then–sometimes you just have to deal with what the cat dragged in.

Includes a recipe for Chicken Hekka.

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Ghost On Duty

Book #2

The show must go on!

Just when Mele Keahi thinks her new life in North Destiny Bay is settling down, everything turns against her. First she suspects the detective she’s taken a shine to has a new lady on the line, then she finds another body. The police captain is growing suspicious, her ghost is getting pushy, and she rashly agrees to adopt an uncouth parrot. Meanwhile she’s trying to manage a Christmas Pageant. If it all falls apart, the town will go broke.

Recipe included: Kalua Pig

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A Ghost In Time

Book #3

Uh-oh, it’s magic!

Mele Keahi is desperate to clear her aunt’s name, but there’s no denying that Bebe’s car was the one that mowed down Starflower Moon, a rival cut flower grower. All Mele’s newly attempted magic and sleuthing skills may not be enough to save her beloved aunt from jail…or her own life from attack by the real killer.

Recipe for a yummy Ahi Poke included!
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Cloudy With a Chance of Ghosts

Book #4

Straight From the Heart

Mele Keahi yearns to find out more about her mother, missing since she was a baby in Hawaii. Will finding her fill this hole in her heart? Maybe. Aunty Jane wants to help, and so does Dante. But all efforts are put on hold while Mele deals with another murder. This time Jill is involved–and the man she’s just fallen in love with is the main suspect!

The ladies dig into their detective work with gusto, searching hotel rooms, falling into trap pits and coming face to face with a murderer in the dark. Luckily, Mele is beginning to learn how to use the magic Aunty Jane is teaching her, and it saves her neck a few times along the way. But will it bring her the peace of mind she needs so badly? Detective Roy McKnight is hoping to help her with that nagging problem.

A yummy recipe for Hawaiian Chicken Salad included!

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Little Ghost Lost

Book #5

Ghosts Gone Wild

Mele has hit a wall. Seeing ghosts everywhere has become too much to handle, especially since they can get downright nasty, even violent, when they want to be. And just when she thinks she’ll have to get out of town to escape them… a little girl ghost follows her home.

Mandy isn’t like the other, mean ghosts – she’s sad and adorable and needs help. Bebe quickly falls in love, making things even harder on Mele.

There’s a murder to be solved, a mystery to be revealed, and a beautiful old house to save from her boss, who wants to turn it into a skating rink. Will Mele be able to fight off the ghosts and do what’s right for Mandy without breaking Bebe’s heart?

Recipe for delicious Orange Chicken included!
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Mele’s Ghostly Halloween Caper

When Murder wears a mask!
Halloween parties-what fun! Unless you end up in a costume you hate and your hostess seems to have invited you to snitch on her prospective stepmother. Before the night is over, Mele will be accused of robbing the other guests, transported by a ghost, almost witness to a drowning and the victim of attempted murder herself. It’ll be at least a year before she’s ready for another Halloween party like this one.

Sami’s Story by J.D. Winters and Dakota Kahn
Sami is a very dignified black cat, so when he’s falsely accused of stealing and eating a rare bird, it is on his honor to do whatever he can to clear his name.


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J.D. Winters is a pen name for Helen Conrad, an award-winning, USA Today Bestselling Author of more than 90 romances published under various pseudonyms with Harlequin, Silhouette, Loveswept and others–as well as the extensive series, Destiny Bay Romances. Cozy mysteries are a new venture, less romance, but more fun!

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